Wolf Eyes- Detroit, MI

Eric Copeland- Brooklyn, NY

Mount Eerie - Anacortes, WA

clipping. - Los Angeles, CA

Guerilla Toss - Boston, MA

Dva - Pardubice, Pardubický Kraj, Czech Republic

Thug Entrancer - Denver, CO

Good Willsmith - Chicago, IL

Kevin Greenspon - Los Angeles, CA

REIGHNBEAU - Albuquerque, NM

The Howling Hex - Denver, CO

Sparkling Wide Pressure - Murfreesboro, TN

Stag Hare - Salt Lake City, UT

Trabajo - Brooklyn, NY

RUMTUM - Denver, CO

Mezzanine Swimmers - Brooklyn, NY

Fingers of the Sun - Denver, CO

Braeyden Jae - Salt Lake City, UT

Homebody - Denver, CO

Church Fire - Denver, CO

Aja Vision - Oakland, CA

Sister Grotto - Denver, CO

Champion - Denver, CO

Docile Rottweiler - Denver, CO

CP 208 - Denver, CO

The Horse Latitudes - Denver, CO

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About Goldrush Music Festival

GOLDRUSH Music Festival is upon us.

We can hardly believe we've made it to where we are now, but we are sure glad that we're here and that we've brought our friends along with us yet again to share in this annual autumnal event. That of course means bands, artists, sponsors, labels, writers, bloggers, and projectionists — all just for starters. As such, GOLDRUSH is now more than ever much more than simply a music festival. In its championing of the experimental community above all, GOLDRUSH has itself become a community. In its presentation of the progressive arts, GOLDRUSH has itself become a work of progressive art. GOLDRUSH is a collage, a combination, a pastiche blend of artistic mediums, styles, looks, sounds, feels, feelings, colors, shapes, sizes, moods, and music, pulling as much beauty from as many different corners of the map we can and pasting it all together into an interactive, living experience.

For our fourth edition, we've pulled out all the stops. GOLDRUSH 2014 represents our most ambitious project to date from a line-up standpoint alone. Match the unique and daring blend of music we'll be presenting with our first ever record fair, a cassette compilation for the history books, an exhibition of local artists, experimental film projections and Denver's definitive music journal in the form of our yearly 'zine, and you've got something truly special. And we sure hope you'll join us.

As in years past, GOLDRUSH could not be possible without the support of our amazing network of sponsors — record shops, ice cream parlors, cassette labels, music blogs, book stores and more have all shown their support this crucial effort, and we invite and welcome friends from all facets of our community to join in that effort. We are currently securing sponsors of all levels for GOLDRUSH 2014. Our mission remains to connect not only our community to one another, but to the world around us through progressive music. If this appeals to you or your business' ideals, and you'd like to be a part of this pioneering Denver music festival, please email

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General questions, sponsorship inquiries and anything else:

Press requests (see also "media credentials" section below):

Media credentials

Thanks for your interest in covering GOLDRUSH Music Festival! In order to apply for press and/or photo credentials, please email the following information to The deadline for media credential applications and interview requests is September 1.

1) Your name, phone number and best email at which to contact you
2) Publication name and website
3) Description of planned coverage
4) Number of press credentials for which you're applying (i.e. one reporter, one photographer)
5) Any specific interview requests (with either artists or festival organizers) and any deadlines we need to consider.

We will do everything we can to accommodate all credential requests and all interview requests, both pre-festival and during the festival weekend. Please note that the earlier you get your requests in, the better chance we have to make it happen. Questions? Email and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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